Archaeology on Horse-back

A morning trip to the Medljan Stud farm where we meet our travel companions for the day. Horse-back riding through Korte, a picturesque medieval village, to the archeological site Kaštelir. At our destination e will dismount and explore this interesting site, where a 3000 year old bronze sculpture of a “kašlerski gonič” (istrian dog) was found. With a commanding 360’ view over the sea and the whole of the hinterland, Kastelir was one of the most important prehistoric settlements around.

We will then ride to Korenika Moškon wine cellar for a chance to sample typical local Istrian wines. The archaeological site Medoši will be explored on the way to Krog, site of the medieval Benedictine monastery with marvelous views over the Salina Nature Park and the bay. There we will enjoy a relaxed picnic lunch with a view.

After lunch we will descend to the valley of Drnica and ride back to Medljan through this fertile agricultural valley.

Back at the horse stud we will help tend to the horses while waiting for our home cooked dinner to be served.


In summer and warm spring or autumn evenings the dinner can be served outside, by the fire.


Note: this experience can be customized with different forms of transport (wagon, jeep safari, minivan, old-timer car, moto-cross)