Energetic Pilgrimage to Strunjan

We will start our day in the Holy Church of our Lady of the Rosary in Portorož where we will be welcomed by the vicar. Built in the 80s, its interesting architecture includes a large cross resembling a mast rising out of the multi-angled nave. You can admire its modern interior with vivid stained glass and ceramic altar created by contemporary Slovenian artists..

We will then start on our “pilgrimage” through the former Parenzana train tunnel towards Strunjan. Our path will take us through the Strunjan Nature Park and we will visit the salt-pans and a restored salt worker’s cottage. We will arrive at the 16th century Church of the Apparition of the Virgin Mary in time for mass that you may attend if you wish.
After lunch in a restaurant near the church we will walk to the earth’s energy point at the cross on top of the 80 meter high cliff. The cross was erected for the 500th anniversary of the apparition of Mary, as a sign of hope and salvation for all sailors and visitors. We will have a chance to sit back and recharge ourselves at this special place.
We will then follow the path along the cliff top, enjoying spectacular views, before descending to the beach where you canrelax by the sea before returning to Portoroz via the tunnel.


Optional: dinner at a local restaurant in Portorož


Extended pilgrimage
We would continue our pilgrimage below the cliffs to Piran, a beautiful medieval coastal town with the Church of St George perched on top of the cliff. We will tour the church and the baptistery, followed by an inspiring meditation session with a spectacular view.
Picnic dinner at the church or at a local restaurant in Piran