Salty Day: Salt, Olive Oil and Fish!

We start our day with a trip to the entrance of the Sečovlje Salina Nature Park. A ark ranger will guide us around the 800 year old salt pans, that are still traditionally harvested manually. We will also learn about the importance of the Park for nesting and migration of a variety of birds.

After learning the secrets of the salt harvesting process we will continue on to an ecological olive farm, Gramona boasting panoramic views over the Salina Nature Park. Here we will discover how olives are cultivated and learn the art of tasting and recognizing quality olive oil. We will get to taste a variety of award winning olive oils and other olive produce, followed by a picnic lunch in the olive groves.
Next we will take a walk with a donkey through the protected cultural landscape of the Seča peninsula and Forma Viva Sculpture Park.
We will then catch a boat that will take us out into the bay to see the workings of the Fonda fish farm. Fonda is renowned for high quality sea bass and supplies the best restaurants in Slovenia and abroad.




We will then catch a boat to Lepa Vida – an outdoor spa located in the middle of the salt pans, where you can be pampered with one of their unique spa treatments that are both beneficial and relaxing. (May to October)


Optional: Dinner “At the Fisherman’s” with the opportunity to view a magical sunset